The Working Committee

It is a small body of members nominated by the Malankara Metropolitan. This body prepares the agenda for the Managing Committee and helps the Malankara Metropolitan in his administrative functions. The same body is also known as the Advisory Council.

The Association Managing Committee shall have a Working Committee consisting of not more than ten members and that body shall execute matters as decided by the Managing Committee.In case of urgent necessity the Working Committee may act on behalf the Managing Committee in anticipation of its approval. All matters so done shall be reported to the Managing Committee and its approval obtained. The President of the Working Committee shall be the Malankara Metropolitan. A Prelate elected by the Malankara Episcopal Synod, the Community Trustees and the Association Secretary shall be members of the Working Committee. The remaining members shall be appointed by the Malankara Metropolitan in consultation with them.Members of the Working Committee who are not already members of the Managing Committee, so long as they continue to be members of the Working Committee shall be members of the Managing Committee.

 The Working Committee referred to in Section 87 shall also be the Consultative Committee of the Malankara Metropolitan. The Association Secretary shall also be the Secretary of the Malankara Metropolitan’s Consultative Committee. The Malankara Metropolitan may have an Assistant. If such an Assistant is not elected by the Association, he may be nominated by the Malankara Metropolitan. The Assistant shall be ex-officio member of the Managing Committee and the Working Committee.


H. H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews III Catholicos

H. G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Chrisostomos Metropolitan

Fr. Dr. Thomas Varghese Amayil (Priest Trustee)

Shri. Ronny Varghese Abraham (Lay Trustee)

Adv. Biju Oommen (Association Secretary)

Fr. Dr. T. J. Joshua

Fr. Jacob Kurian Chemmanam

Dr. C. K. Mathew IAS (Retd)

Dr. T. Tiju IRS

Shri. Jacob Mathew

Shri. M. C. Sunny