Department of Ecumenical Relations


The Department of Ecumenical Relations caters onto the fraternal relations of the Church. The Church, being a founding member of the World Council of Churches, extends its warmth and cordial hand in building up excellent relations with sister churches and ecumenical bodies. The Church prioritizes the relations with the anticipated common witness of the love of God in the world.

Along with the extensive works which have been carried out in the inception of the World Council of Churches, several of the previous Metropolitans, Clergy men and lay leaders of the Church initiated works in establishing good relations with the Churches in the Oriental Orthodox and Byzantine families, Catholic Church, Churches in Anglican Communion and with the World Alliance of Reformed Churches. There are active participatory roles played in the Asian, National and in State levels through the Christian Conference for Asia, National Council of Churches in India and the Kerala Council of Churches. The Community in Diaspora has made a point that in every National Ecumenical Bodies through membership, effectives roles are carried out.

In terms of effectual and practical works the Department concentrates in four major areas, which are- a) Inter-Church relations b) State, National and International levels of ecumenical bodies c) Academic endeavors and mutual exchanges and d) Orthodox Mission. The Department is in the process of getting revamped in terms of its practical organization and outreaches.

Contact email:

President: H.G. Dr. Youhanon Mar Demetrios Metropolitan


Secretary: Fr. Aswin Fernandis