1. What is the Church?
  2. Why should the Church meddle in the life of the Christian?
  3. Is the individual significant in the Church?
  4. What is the Orthodox Church?
  5. What is so special about the Orthodox Church?
  6. How did different Churches originate?
  7. What are the main differences between the Churches
  8. What are the differences between the Catholic Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches?
  9. What are the main differences between the Orthodox and Protestant Churches?
  10. Why is it that our Church is called the Malankara Orthodox Church?
  11. What is the Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church?
  12. What is the fundamental character of Eastern Christianity?
  13. How does the Eastern Christian character impact Church administration?
  14. What do the words ‘autocephalous’ and ‘autonomous’ mean?
  15. Are all autonomous Churches autocephalous and vice-versa?
  16. What is the status of our Church – autonomous, autocephalous or both?
  17. Should we strive to be autonomous, changing the pattern of worship?
  18. How come the teaching concerning Jesus Christ led to divisions in the Church?
  19. What are these groupings?
  20. How do these ecclesiastic groupings define their doctrine?