Diocese of Kandanad East

Kandanad Diocese is one of the oldest dioceses of the Orthodox Syrian Church. It was constituted with Kandanad St. Mary's Church at its centre along with two scores and odd parishes around it in the erstwhile Travancore State. The historical Synod of 1599 was held at Udayamperoor, a place close to Kandanad. The ancient Churches of Piravom, Kadamattam, Vadakara, Kolenchery, Mamalaserry, Nechoor, Mulakulam, as well as Kandanad came under this Diocese. It extends from Vaikom in the west to Idukki in the east spreading over the parts of Ernakulam, Kottayam and Idukki districts. The boundaries of the dioceses of Kochi and Angamaly intercept thoses of Kandanad at certain points In 1876-77(M.E. 1052) the Malankara Syrian Christian Church was divided into seven dioceses namely Kollam, Thumbaman, Niranam, Kottayam, Kochi, Kandanad and Angamaly. The Patriarch ordained Karavattuveettil Simon Cor-Episcopa on 5th September 1876 and Murimattathil Paulose Kathanaar on 25th March 1877 as Rambans at Mar Thomman Church Mulanthuruthy and St. Mary's Church, Kuruppampady respectively. Both registered their agreements(Salmoosa) on 26th March 1877.at the Kunnathunad Registrar office at Perumbavoor. Both were members of the Malamkara Association Managing Committee. On 17th May 1877 Karavattuveettil Simon Mar Dyanasius and Murimattathil Paulose Mar Ivanasiose were ordained metropolitans at Chiralayam St. Lazarus Church, Kunnamklulam for the Dioceses of Kochi and Kandanad respectively. The four new metropolitans were co-celebrants at the spiritual function and the last part of the Holy Mass was celebrated by the then ordained Paulose Mar Ivaniose. Two days later, on the 19th May, at ChalisseryWest Church, both the new bishops were enthroned and accorded Stacicon to the Diocese they were assigned for. The 'Staticon' was worded and prepared by HG. Paulose Mar Ivaniose. The Churches included in the Kandanad Diocese were Kandanad Martha Mariam, South Paravoor, Chembu, Kurinji, Puttumanoor, Kanniyattunirappu, Nechoor Mamalaserry, Piravom, Onakkoor, Kolenchery, Kottoor, Pampakuda, Ramamangalam, Mulakulam, Mannathoor, Vadakara, Kuzhikkattukunnu, Puthuvely, Palakuzha and Kadamattam. The 'Stasthicon' of Paulose Mar Ivaniose Metropolitan was read out and his 'Sunthronisa' was performed on June 16th, the day of 'Penthicost' at Mar Micheal Church, Mamalaserry. Parishioners of eight Churches- Mamalaserry, Kandanad, Kannyattunirappu, Puttumanoor, Kolenchery, Vadakara, Palakuzha and Ramamangalam participated in the ceremony. Of the six Metropolitans ordained by H.H. Patriach Pathrose III , Paulose Mar Ivanious is the only metropolitan whose 'Sunthroniso' is on record. On September 15th, 1912 he was elevated and ordained the first 'Catholicose' of Malankara with the title H.H. Baselious Paulose I. Of the above mentioned metropolitans he was the last to be called to the Heavenly Abode. On May 2nd, 1913 he entered eternity and was entombed at Pampakuda Cheriya Pally. He was the diocesan metropolitan of Kandanad till his demise. Following the excommunication of the Malankara Metropolitan Vattasseril Geevarghese Mar Dynasius by the Patriach on flimsy grounds without sufficient reasons, the Malankara Syrian Church split into two factions, one supporting the Patriarch(Bava Kaskshi) and the other siding with the Malankara Metropolitan (Methran Kakshi). In the Kandanad Diocese the former outnumbered the latter. In this faction Kochuparambil Paulose Mar Coorilose(1911-17) and Kuttikkattil Paulose Mar Athanasius (1920-27) held the responsibility of the Kandanad Diocese. Oughen Mar Thimotiose who was ordained metropolitan was in charge of the diocese from 1927 Simultaneously during this period Yuyakkim Mar Ivaniose(1913-1925), the Malankara Metropolitan Vattasseril Geevarghese Mar Dynsius and Catholicose Baselius Geevarghese II (1934-42) were in charge of Kandanad Diocese on behalf of the Catholicose faction. As per the decision of the Kandanad Diocesan General Body Oughen Mar Themotiose Metropolitan accepted Baselious Geevarghese IInd in October 1942 and embraced Catholicose faction. He continued to be the metropolitan of Kandanad Diocese, with diocesan headquarters, at Muvatupuzha until he was elevated and enthroned as the Catholicose of the East with the name H.H. Baselius Oughen I. It was during the tranquil period after the unification of the Church in 1958. Paulose Mar Athanasius of the Patriarch faction held the additional charge as the metropolitan of Kandanad Diocese as well from 1942 to 1952. Paulose Mar Philexinose who was ordained metropolitan for the Kandanad Diocese on 19th October, 1952 by the Patriarch took over its charge. He continued in the post till 1958 when the two factions merged bringing unity in the Church. Thereafter he ruled over the diocese along with Aughen Mar Thimitiose until the latter was elevated as the Catholicose on 22nd 1964. Then Paulose Mar Philexinose became the sole head of the diocese. But unfortunately breach of peace raised its ugly head again in the Church by 1970 and he chose to be on the Patriarch side and continued to be their Metropolitan . But on the Catholicose side, the Malankara Metropolitan took over the charge of the diocese. Then, on 16th Feb, 1975 Joseph Mar Pachomiose was ordained and posted as the Metropolitan of Kandanad. But in 1991 when he passed away, the diocese fell back under Malankara Metropolitan. The diocese got a metropolitan of its own when Dr Mathews Mar Severios was posted as its head in 1993. On 7th September , 1975, when the second split in the Church was complete, Paulose Mar Philexinose who had been continuing as the metropolitan of Kandanad Diocese was elevated as Catholicose by the Patriarch with the official name H.B. Baselius Paulose II. But he still continued as the diocesan metropolitan. Philipose Mar Ivaniose and Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius were his assistants from 1979 to 1988 and from 1990 to 1996 respectively. H.B. Baselius Paulose II entered eternity on 1st September 1996. Following the Supreme Court verdict on the Malankara Sabha case, fully imbibing its thrust and spirit, The Diocese of Kandanad under the Diocesan Metropolitan Dr Thomas Mar Athanasius declared allegiance to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Constitution of 1934 and started working with the Church-leadership for unity and peace in the Church. According to the recommendation of the managing committee elected by the Malankara Association held on 20th March 2002 at Parumala as per the direction of the Apex Cour, the Kandanad Diocese was divided into two – Kandanad East and Kandanad Wes Diocese. Dr Thomas Mar Athanasius and Dr Mathews Mar Severius were assigned Episcopal ministry of Kandanad East and Kandand West respectively.                 Address: Bishop's House, Cathedral Road, Muvattupuzha-686661 Phone:  0485-2832401, 2833401 Email: mbparamana@gmail.com