Diocese of Malabar

The Malabar Diocese, which has extended in the western districts of Kerala, was formed in 1953. H.G. Paulose Mar Severios and H.G. Pathrose Mar Osthathios (1953–68) have executed its administration at different times. Since 11 November 1966, H.G.Thomas Mar Timotheos became the diocesan Metropolitan(H.H.Baselius Didymus I , Catholicose of the East.) Mount Hermon Aramana in Kozhikode is the diocesan headquarters. The St. Thomas Home and Estate and the Aravanchal Estate at Erumamunda and Attapadi, and Parumala Mar Gregorios Orthodox Guidance Center are some of the institutions functioning under the aegis of the diocese. After the demise of Late His Grace Zacharia Mar Theophilos Metropolitan (2005-2017)

The Attapadi St. Thomas Mission Center comes under the Malabar Diocese. The diocesan journal Hermon Sandhesam has been published since 1997. The Aramana is situated 100 meters away from the Kattamgal junction on the Kozhikode- Mukam route near the Regional Engineering College, Kozhikode.

Address: Mount Hermon, Chathamangalam,N.I.T.Campus P.O, Kozhikode 673 601, India

Ph: 0495 2287278,2288278

Email: hermonaramana@gmail.com